The Korean American Chamber of Commerce USA (KACCUSA) was founded in New York City in 1980 to represent the ever-growing range of Korean American business interests in the United States.  In 2019, more than three decades after its formation, its headquarters moved back  to New York City, its birth place. 


KACCUSA currently represents over 230,000 Korean American businesses in the United States, with over 70 regional chambers of commerce as its member organizations. The chamber's nationwide mission is to help Korean American companies succeed through advocacy, information, networking and business support services.  Since its inception, KACCUSA, as the collective voice of the Korean American businesses in the United States, has dedicated itself to help advocate for its member organizations and the Korean American business communities in the United States, distinguishing itself as the most prestigious and extensive Korean American business networking organization in the nation


  • Representing its diverse membership on issues of common interest.


  • Providing a forum for networking and accessing information.



  • Serving as a trusted and influential advocate with governments.


  • Providing technical assistance to its members, including information on filing corporate documents, how to obtain licenses & permits to operate a business, researching funding sources, learning about procurement opportunities, tapping into effective personnel management techniques, developing and designing a marketing plan.



  • Providing professional development workshops.       

  • Providing opportunities to market the products and services of its members to non-Korean businesses both in their respective regions and other parts of the nation.

Our Mission & Objectives



  • Promoting and facilitating trade relations between the United States and Korea.



  • Cooperating and participating in all matters which may contribute to strengthening the bonds of friendship between the United Stated and Korea.


  • Promoting friendly relations unity among its members and fostering a spirit of civic pride.



  • Promoting the adoption and application of sound business and professional standards for the betterment of the Korean American business community.


  • Launching a special committee on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and implementing necessary projects to help the Korean American businesses acquire the prerequisites needed to withstand the rapid changes generated by the new paradigm shift.

Based on the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau data, Korean American businesses generated approximately $108 billion in receipts. 

KACCUSA, in partnership with the regional Korean American Chambers, will continue to be an addition to the Korean American business community to make more contributions to the U.S. economy, focusing on its mission to advocate, promote, and facilitate the success of the Korean American businesses in the United States.


 209-35 Northern Boulevard, Suite 211, Bayside, NY 11361 | Phone 1-718-305-7777 |  Fax 1-718-744-2155 | info@kaccusa.us

2019 All rights reseved by the Korean American Chamber of Commerce, USA.

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